The New Man Center was founded by the efforts of experts of the world of hair and beauty care, where local and global experiences estimated at about twenty years in this field,  were gathered, and the center was equipped with the best human and material capabilities to reach a new outlook on life.

The New man Center is considered one of the distinctive centers that deal with beauty and man care, whether at the level of counseling or at the level of services. The center has also been prepared to be the appropriate place to get rid of the pressures of life and work as it provides a set of distinctive services as follows:

– Cut and blow dry service (cut – blow dry – dye – high lights and full color)

– Beard shaving service (shave – dye – facial thread – wax – skin peeling)

– Hair fixation services (cutting – removing – washing – fixing, adjusting )

– Massage sessions (Swedish – Relaxing – Reflexology – Sports – Smoking – Hot-Stone – Body scrubbing)

– Hand and foot care service (pedicure – manicure – paraffin – foot scrubbing and peeling)

– Hair and scalp treatment (dandruff cleansing –  hair grease cleansing – oil bath – Keratin – protein)

– Cleansing the skin

– Skin tightening treatment and wrinkle removal sessions

– Sessions with  soothing moisturizing skin masks

– Skin revitalization and skin protection ongoing treatment with pure, Vitamin C.